Our Vision at Hitachi

Charting a Course Towards a Sustainable Future with Hitachi

Join us on our journey at Hitachi as we navigate towards a future marked by sustainability and innovation. We are deeply committed to making a positive impact on both society and the environment. Our goal is to lead in creating innovative solutions that address today’s challenges while laying the groundwork for a more sustainable future.

The Essence of Hitachi’s Goals

Our primary goal at Hitachi is to blend economic progress with environmental stewardship. We understand the critical need to reduce carbon emissions, conserve resources, and improve quality of life globally. This understanding has shaped our comprehensive vision, which includes key sustainability areas such as energy efficiency and water management.

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„We respect planetary boundaries and aim to improve people’s wellbeing“.

Keiji Kojima, President & Chief Executive Officer Hitachi, Ltd.

Leading the Way in Sustainable Innovation Through Technology

At the center of our aspirations is the H-Vision initiative, a beacon of Hitachi’s sustainable innovation. This initiative integrates top-notch hardware with cloud-based systems to provide an agile platform for energy consumption monitoring and automation. It offers users access to vital data, including real-time alerts and historical analyses, through an Internet-ready framework that supports a wide range of devices.

H-Vision goes further than traditional audits, implementing a detailed Energy Intelligence plan to accurately measure energy consumption. This strategy helps us gain a deep understanding of energy waste and inefficiency, enabling the creation of tailored, context-sensitive solutions. By tracking various energy consumption metrics in real time, H-Vision offers a cohesive solution that focuses on client collaboration and proactive advancements.

Adopting a data-centric approach, H-Vision efficiently manages diverse types of consumption data, including thermal, water, and electricity, across different sectors such as manufacturing, healthcare, and energy-intensive industries. Its cloud-based system allows for easy data access and aids professional teams in devising optimal optimization strategies. These strategies are underpinned by comprehensive data analyses, which include feasibility studies, trend evaluations, and operational planning, ensuring well-informed decisions for energy optimization.

H-Vision adds value by combining continuous training with the expertise of experienced engineers and technicians. This human element is crucial, enabling professionals to interpret complex data and recommend the most effective energy optimization solutions. Currently, H-Vision is employed by a wide range of professionals and organizations, offering customized solutions that enhance energy performance, demonstrating Hitachi’s dedication to client-focused and advanced technological systems.

Commitment to Energy Efficiency:
A Pledge for a Greener Tomorrow

Our journey toward energy efficiency begins with a thorough evaluation of current systems and practices, identifying areas for improvement and employing best practices to optimize energy use.

We leverage cutting-edge technology to create innovative solutions that promote energy conservation, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and boost overall efficiency.

Our approach to energy efficiency involves comprehensive planning, implementation, and monitoring, ensuring that our solutions meet the unique sustainability goals and requirements of our clients.

Water Management:
Protecting Our Most Essential Resource

Our vision for water management is committed to the ecological, economical, and efficient use of water resources. We aim to minimize water waste, improve water quality, and promote responsible water usage.

At Hitachi, our approach includes an in-depth analysis of water cycles and networks. We focus on addressing factors that contribute to increased leakage, aiming to permanently reduce water loss. This involves a keen focus on pressure management, air control, and the reduction of pressure transients, all while maintaining an emphasis on energy efficiency.

Our ongoing research and development efforts are key to advancing our water management solutions. By keeping up with technological advancements, we continually improve our ability to tackle global water challenges. We have even established a real-life trial network in Crescentino, Northern Italy, to test and refine our leak detection and monitoring techniques.

We provide a global service with an extensive network, focusing on optimizing water cycles. We are committed to reducing leakage frequency through innovative methods like network surveying and GIS, hydraulic monitoring, and the evaluation of physical and commercial losses, including leakage detection, air control, and the prevention of pressure transients.

Join Us for a Sustainable Future

We invite you to join us on this transformative journey towards a sustainable and thriving world. We are open to collaborations and inquiries to further explore our sustainable solutions. Together, we can create a future where economic growth aligns with environmental protection, and where innovation leads to positive, enduring change.

For more information, collaboration opportunities, or to learn more about our sustainable initiatives, please contact us. Let’s work together to make a meaningful impact on the world and leave a legacy of sustainability for future generations.

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Who is Hitachi?

Hitachi is a global leader in social innovation, technology, and sustainability. We leverage our expertise in IT, OT, and our advanced digital solutions, Lumada, to solve societal and customer challenges. Our focus areas include Digital Transformation, Green Energy & Mobility, Connective Industries, and Automotive Systems. We strive to create sustainable value and improve lives worldwide through our innovative solutions.

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