Air Technology Solutions
by Hitachi

Elevate with Hitachi’s
Pioneering Air Technology

Transform your industrial operations with the cutting-edge Air Technology solutions from Hitachi. Specializing in oil-less scroll air ends and oil-free reciprocating compressors, our technology is at the forefront of innovation, offering unparalleled performance and eco-friendly efficiency. Embrace the Hitachi difference to scale new heights in operational productivity.

Leading the
Way in
Air Compression

At Hitachi, we redefine air technology. Our solutions are more than just machines; they are a synergy of performance, reliability, and environmental stewardship. Designed to serve a spectrum of industrial needs, our air technology ensures that your business thrives on efficiency and purity.

Advantages That Set Us Apart

Hitachi’s Air Technology is engineered to deliver excellence in every aspect. From seamlessly adapting to diverse operational environments to achieving the highest standards in energy efficiency and compliance, our products stand as a beacon of quality and innovation.

Innovation at Its Core

Facing air compression challenges or in need of enhanced air purity? Hitachi’s bespoke air technology solutions, including our oil-less and oil-free offerings, cater to a wide array of industrial demands. We are committed to empowering sectors such as pharmaceuticals, food processing, and automotive with technology that defines industry benchmarks for efficiency and environmental responsibility.


Tailored for Diverse Industries

Our Air Technology is meticulously crafted for sectors demanding the utmost in air quality and efficiency. Each product is a result of deep industry insights and a commitment to meet and exceed specific operational challenges, regardless of the industry.


Pioneering Products for Modern Industries

Explore our portfolio of innovative air technology products, each emblematic of Hitachi’s commitment to excellence. Our oil-less scroll air ends and oil-free reciprocating compressors are not just products but solutions – solutions that promise reliability, energy efficiency, and a minimal environmental footprint.

Elevate Your Industry with Hitachi Air Technology

Innovative Solutions for clean, efficient and reliable air.
Explore our range of Air Technology products and solutions and take your industry to new heights with Hitachi.

Reliability, Durability, Performance – the Sullair Complete Air Compressors Portfolio

In July 2017 Sullair became a Hitachi Group Company and is part of the Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd. compressor portfolio.The Sullair machines are famous all over the world for their legendary durability: these are available also in EMEA+CIS region, with a dedicated offering for the area, including portable; stationary and oil-free compressors; and OEM screw kits (for air and gas).

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We value your feedback, questions, and suggestions. Whether you have an inquiry about our products or services, need assistance with an order, or simply want to share your thoughts, we're here to listen and assist you.

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