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Wastewater Treatment Plant – Membrance Reactor

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The measurement campaign was conducted using an “on site” pilot plant, that allowed to verify the wastewater characteristics and the plant operating logic.

The system created is composed of two modules: Microfiltration plus Reverse Osmosis. The automation used made it possible to remotely operate parameters by programming specific alarms according to customer requirements.

Reduced volumes of wastewater discharged into the sewer: -40%
Reduction of waste disposal costs: -30%
Reuse of purified water into the production cycle.

Payback period < 3 Years

Painting Station

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The project stems from the need to obtain a better light quality inside the spray booth.

Replacement of the existing fluorescent lighting with induction lighting, having high visual performance and energy efficiency.

Improvement of visual comfort and light quality: CRI > 90%
Energy saving: -52%

Payback period < 1 Year

Tire Industry

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The drive system – direct current motor of a selected plodder was monitored continuously for two months.

It was decided to replace the DC motor with a dedicated permanent magnet motor.

Energy saving: -47%
Global system performance increase: +48% 

 Payback period < 1 Year

Water Pumping Station

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Flow – Pressure – Electrical power 

4 months of continuous collection of data (one minute sample) in order to define the baseline of consumption, peaks and temporary change of load.

Installation of a pressure sensor to drive two inverters (not four) and reduce the output pressure. Electrical motors have been changed to IE3 and some pipes has been changed too.

The single pumps efficiency reached is now 66% in media, and the total electrical consumption has been reduced of almost 15%.

Economic saving: 81.089,57 Euro/Year


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It was carried out a measurement and analysis campaign of the minimum inlet and outlet temperatures and some main pipelines were restructured. Air recirculation routes were optimized and machine operating improved.

The power consumption of this application has been reduced by approx. 23%.

Economic saving: 149.256,20 Euro/Year

Process Industry

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Collection of data for six months in order to define the baseline of consumption, peaks and losses.

The low pressure steam production was reduced by approx. 28% without changing the process.

Economic saving: 130.801,80 Euro/Year

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