RX2 Series

The Hitachi RX2-SD Continuous Inkjet Printer, featuring a 65 µm nozzle, is engineered to significantly enhance the efficiency and productivity of your industrial operations. This versatile and high-performing printer is designed to meet the evolving demands of your modern industry. It offers high-speed printing capabilities and adaptability to various substrates and environmental considerations, making it an ideal choice for your business.

Key Highlights of the Hitachi RX2-SD Printer:

 Advanced Integration Capabilities: The RX2-SD is engineered for easy integration into existing production lines and networks. Its print head can be conveniently installed either inline or at a 90-degree angle, catering to diverse operational requirements. This flexibility ensures that the RX2-SD can seamlessly fit into a wide range of industrial settings.

Robust and Durable Design: The printer features a cast aluminum body print head, designed to withstand harsh industrial environments. Additionally, its stainless steel cabinet is dust and leak-resistant, offering IP55 protection. This robust construction ensures reliable performance in various challenging conditions.

Low Maintenance and High Efficiency: The RX2-SD is designed for ease of maintenance, featuring an easy main ink filter replacement system with a “quick disconnect” feature. This design aspect contributes to very low maintenance costs, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Versatile Printing Solution: Whether for complex or standard applications, the RX2-SD is an ideal solution. Its adaptability and high-speed printing capabilities make it suitable for a wide range of coding and marking tasks, ensuring high-quality results across different substrates.

Environmentally Conscious Printing: Recognizing the importance of environmentally sound solutions, the RX2-SD is developed to align with sustainable practices. This aspect is particularly crucial in today’s market, where environmental considerations are increasingly becoming a priority for businesses.



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