MEK-free Inks

More Sustainable | More Safe | More Grip
by increasing high quality standards

Our MEK-free ink solutions help you to reach your ESG goals while contributing your profitability

Be ready for what the future brings with Hitachi’s sustainable inks

Hitachi’s latest ink innovations are MEK-free, meaning they are safer for the environment and subject to fewer regulations.
We help to reduce your environmental impact and to reach your ESG goals.

At the same time you get:
Equal or even better print performances in comparison
to MEK-Based inks
Safer coded products – less product recalls – less waste
✦ Significant reduction of VOCs under comparable operating conditions

Your Benefits

and why our MEK-free inks
are the best investment

Less cartridge waste up to more than a third
◉ Less waste to make your production more sustainable

Improved environmental friendly working conditions
◉ Fewer evaporation creates a more friendly and
safer environment for workers who are exposed to the vapours

Easier separation of reusable materials
◉ Easier separation through more grade purity
◉ All liquids are used up to the last drop, which makes it easier
to dispose of the empty containers

Safer coding of products for brand protection
◉ Higher adhesion on printed materials reduce the impression for poorly coded items,
which turns into less product recalls

Combining social responsibility with profitability
◉ Getting an environmental, social, and governance (ESG) concerns right into operations can return to higher value
◉ Increase the impact of a company’s activities on society and the environment
◉ Good working atmosphere leads into satisfied and healthy employees

Increase corporate image
◉ A higher worker satisfaction leads to higher productivity and/or less absence and fluctuation of the working force
◉ People enjoy working and are proud to be part of the company and to represent its values
◉ Good personnel seek out socially committed employers

MEK-free inks use fewer solvent than MEK-Based inks, manufacturers will have
more than a third fewer emptied cartridges to dispose.

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