Oil-Less Scroll Air End

Elevate Air Quality and Reliability with Hitachi Oil-Less Scroll Air Ends

Embark on a journey with Hitachi Industrial Automation's Oil-Less Scroll Air End, a beacon in the realm of industrial air compression. Our Oil-Less Scroll Air Ends are more than just components; they are guardians of air quality and reliability, serving critical industrial needs. Whether your focus is on maintaining the utmost air purity for sensitive processes or adhering to stringent environmental standards, Hitachi's Oil-Less Scroll Air Ends stand as paragons of excellence.

Our Oil-Less Scroll Air Ends are not just products, but solutions sculpted for industries where oil-free and untainted air is non-negotiable. Available in power variations of 2.2kW, 5.5kW, and 7.5kW, they assure unwavering performance under both 8 and 10 bar pressures.

Our Oil-Less Scroll Air Ends are crafted with a suite of features designed to augment their dependability and efficacy:

  • A Labyrinth wrap, a hallmark of compressor reliability
  • Alumite treatment, a testament to prolonged scroll lifespan
  • Aluminium casting, embodying durability
  • Aluminium heat radiation fin, a symbol of enhanced efficiency and longevity
  • Oversized roller bearing, a foundation for extended bearing life


Environmentally Friendly

Our Oil-Free Technology, inherently 100% oil-less, ensures the absence of oil in the system, making it a perfect match for ISO 14001 certified factories and for those aiming at minimizing environmental impact.


Proprietary Scroll Wrap (Patent USP 6808373)

Our patented wrap design with the Labyrinth seal distinguishes our Oil-Less Scroll Air Ends. It’s not just a feature, it’s a promise of superior performance and enduring reliability, enhanced further by the alumite surface treatment.

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