Energy Efficiency

Knowledge is the
Foundation for Efficiency

Energy efficient solutions from Hitachi

Today, as never before, in light of ongoing increases in the costs of electric power and gas, it is essential that we make it a priority to know and monitor our energy consumption and be aware of how we are using it. That is why Hitachi has created a special division to take on the issue of streamlining energy efficiency, with an industrial approach based on a scientific method: H-Vision. 

Hitachi has always been active in various areas of industry and boasts a wealth of real-world experience in energy components.

Our Approach: H-Vision Method

We have made the best of our many years of experience and adopted the principle that when converting energy, whether in an electric motor or in a heat generation system, the aspect on which we have to focus most is efficiency. In other words:
The efficiency of the energy conversion itself.

Our Knowledge


Energy efficiency is an issue that is as crucial as it is current. Global competition has led to a need for every sector (industrial, civil, service) to reduce its costs in the interests of continuing optimisation.

In any process, since spending on energy occupies a key role, “energy savings” must be viewed, first and foremost, as a rationalisation of production processes.

The next step must be to identify, with the utmost accuracy, the degree of efficiency of energy use, to determine which actions which would provide the best cost-benefit ratio.

Nonetheless, we must also take special care regarding to the environment, because it is our duty to leave posterity with a better world than the one, we were given.

Madel – a leader in sustainable manufacturing

Social innovation isn’t restricted to a specific field or objective. Technology is always altering and adapting to match our ever-changing surroundings. We work in partnership with our customers and develop innovative solutions that create sustainable and future-proof ecological, social and economic added value for our customers and the environment.

Learn how we use ideas and insights that work! 

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About us:
Hitachi Europe S.r.l.

Present in Italy since the beginning of the 90s, Hitachi Europe S.r.l. is a partner able to provide complete solutions in the fields of Automation, Energy Efficiency and Water Management.

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More about us

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